"The entire myth's cast live within you. The jealous King Minos is you.
The infatuated and heartbroken Queen Pasiphae is you.
And most of all the Minotaur is you. You have betrayed yourself.
You have hidden your deepest shame inside the Labyrinth of your heart.
And you will never know peace until you go in and confront it."
Jayne Silverberry
The Labyrinth A Spiritual Journey, Ancient Myths Modern Meaning

In ancient Tibet, or so the story goes, a ceremony was held every 100 years offering monks the path to Enlightenment. The monks gathered and were told that to attain Enlightenment all each one had to do was enter The Room of a Thousand Demons, cross it and leave through the door on the other side. The problem of course, was that the room contained a thousand demons! Such demons that take on the form of your worst fears, your worst fears will emerge as though they are real. The demons make your fears compellingly real.

Although a small room, once inside, there would be no coming back. The door would lock, and each monk would be on his own. You don't have to go in: you can choose whether to go in or to go on. Bear in mind there is a possibility that a monk could become paralysed with fright & never get to the other side.

If you do choose to go in, here are two handy tips:

  • Remember that whatever it is you see it isn't real, it is all a construct of your mind, it's illusion.
  • Remember to keep your feet moving: as long as you keep your feet moving you will get to the other side.